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Welcome to ShareKraft

We help artists, creators and makers to share their knowledge while also benefiting themselves.

Get rewarded for your talent

Whether you're a baker, chef, photographer or a musician. Share your craft and monetize it with ShareKraft.

Leverage your social influence

ShareKraft allows you to create premium content for your social media followers and get paid for it.

Engage with your students

ShareKraft helps you better connect with your students, engage with them and monitor their progress.

About Us

You work hard to excel at your craft and you deserve to be rewarded for sharing it.

Sharing your unique skills on social media such as Youtube or Instagram for FREE, may not always feel as rewarding. Hence, we created ShareKraft. Use our paid video hosting platform to share your unique skills with your followers and monetize your valuable content.


How it works?

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Create and upload your videos

Do what you do best - focus on your creativity and upload your videos. Set the price for each of your videos.

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Invite your followers

Share your video page links with your followers on social media and invite them to purchase your videos.

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Get paid

When your students buy your courses on ShareKraft, you get paid. That's all there is!

Why ShareKraft?

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Free website

Get a free unique website to host your content and get found on search engines.

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Engage with students

Connect with students easily, identify your power users and monitor their progress.

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Charge in local currency

Charge for your content directly in your local currency and avoid currency conversion losses.

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